PROVEN Thoroughbreds

Jamie Walter established Proven Thoroughbreds in 2002 and after a long association with the late Guy Walter (Jamie's brother), now has horses in three states with seven trainers.

Jamie's lifelong passion for racing can be traced to the childhood competition of shows and pony club sports days at Mudgee in the Central West of NSW. At the age of 20 Jamie bought his first racehorse from beneath the big Moreton Bay fig tree at William Inglis' Newmarket Sales Complex. Fatefully that $900 purchase, racing as Docalter, went on to win 7 races including a trio of successes in town. The dye had been cast!

Innumerable winners and dying maidens followed whilst Jamie pursued a career in radio as an announcer at Sydney's 2UW and Triple M. Aware that John Laws and Doug Mulray were in a different class, Jamie headed overseas in 1983 working in the US under Hall of Fame trainer NEIL DRYSDALE in LA and later MARKTOMPKINS at Newmarket in England.

On his return Jamie joined with a handful of friends to race city winners and stakes placegetters like Gerard, Swanky Sea, Ardiles, Lady Canaveral and Wittenberg whilst assisting his late brother Guy Walter. They're still trying to forget the names of the slow ones!

A subsequent decade in the financial derivatives industry and sports journalism at 2GB failed to quell the pull of racing. So, in 2002, Jamie launched PROVEN THOROUGHBREDS with little fanfare. Since then the black and lime green colours have been carried by hundreds of horses including the GROUP 2 winners SIR MOMENTS & TREMEC, GROUP 3 victor ADORABEEL and multiple city winners like Lyncean Academy, Hardbreak Hotel, Digital Fortress, Skateboard, Market Unit, Go Cart, Studio Star, Mr Incredible, Redaluca's Gaze, Our Barney, Empress Me, Hells Bells etc.

Racing manifold horses over 30 years has not been without its lessons.
  • Luck and hard work are more likely to produce a good horse than any magical formula or self-perceived gift
  • Without exception everybody buys duds!
  • Owning a winner is a rare and indescribable thrill
  • Like any industry, communication is paramount

The PROVEN THOROUGHBREDS model is built around communication. Our aim is to ensure all owners "live the journey" from purchase to the racetrack. Jamie Walter is the sole director of PROVEN THOROUGHBREDS AFS Licence No 301464 and PROVEN THOROUGHBREDS SERVICES ABN 44 057 777 349

For this reason Proven Thoroughbreds manage all our syndicated horses for the duration of their respective careers. Be it through email, phone, text .

And that information is presented warts and all. If a horse is not performing or has issues that will proclude future viability, failure has to be confronted. If the horse is winning, success has to be embraced! If results are mixed, a decision has to be made.

Here are three authentic emails covering that trio of scenarios:


The Proven Thoroughbreds cost structure is very competitive when sized up against other operations. After purchase, the average price to maintain a racehorse is around 30-40k per annum (about 3-4k per each 10% shareholder). That can obviously vary according to how long the individual horse is in work how often he or she races and whether any major veterinary work is required but will very rarely be in excess of 40k annually.

Logistically, our ongoing cost structure after the initial outlay works like this:
  • A trust account slush fund is created for each horse and all accounts are paid by Proven Thoroughbreds.
  • Levies are requested from owners several times a year (generally in $900-$1,200 installments for 10% shareholders)

As well as handling all the accounts so our owners are not receiving a bevy of small bills from suppliers, for a modest fee ($20-$25 a month for each 10% share) our owners receive:
  • At least one email a week and several more when the horse is racing.
  • Rolling spreadsheets bi-annually, detailing how levy funds have been dispensed.
  • Phone calls from time to time esp. when racing.
  • Video footage, photos and voice reports.
  • Encouragement to raise queries at any time. If you never ask, you'll never know!
  • EFT, cheque or credit card (Visa & Mastercard) payment options.

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